Friday, July 24, 2015

How To: Natural Interview Makeup

Hey guys! Today I am sharing you the makeup I would wear to an interview (be it a job or grad school interview). It's currently the time of year where many of my classmates are job hunting or waiting to hear back from grad schools for their interviews. As a result, I wanted to share with you the makeup I would wear to an interview. It's a bit on the safer side, so definitely not appropriate for someone who is planning on going to an interview with a makeup brand, but this look is very easy, quick, and not stressful. I often wear this type of makeup when my eyes are irritated (without mascara of course) or when I have an important meeting or presentation. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy watching this video and reading a few of my tips. For some reason the volume is a little bit on the weaker side for the second half of the video, but you can always crank up the computer volume if you can't hear me :)

Makeup Used:
BareMinerals Prime Time Original Foundation Primer
Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation in O40
Elf Studio Lifting Concealer in Light
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium - Review
Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel - Review
Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sundance
Tarte Amazonian Clay 24Hr Bronzer in Exposed
Jordana Twist and Shine Mositurizing Balm Stains in Honey Love - Review

Interview Tips

1. Make sure your clothes fit you. When preparing to go to an important interview, I highly recommend you get your clothes tailored if they don't fit you properly. Inspect your attire a couple days before and make sure that there are no stains, loose threads, or anything that would make the attire look sloppy. Also make sure to dress professionally. I'd recommend business formal unless otherwise specified. I can not stress this enough, especially if you are applying for a high level professional job or a graduate program.
2. Make sure your nails are clean. Whether you prefer to have nails done or keep you nails without any polish, I highly recommend you get a manicure (yes, guys included).
3. Stick with makeup products that have been tested by you. This is not the time to try out a new foundation. For many grad school interviews, they are conducted over the course of the day so you want to look your best throughout the day. If you are oily, I highly recommend you wear a primer and  powder along with bringing a powder to touch up throughout the day. 
4. Any prep that you want to be done with your face should be done at least couple days before (eyebrow threading, waxing, facials, microdermabrasions...etc). This way, any redness or irritation that may occur will be reduced by the time your interview has occurred.
5. Ditch a side purse for a more professional, structured bag for that day. You'll instantly look more polished and more mature. I'd also recommend wear close toed shoes, and small heels if you can wear them for prolonged periods of time. Make sure to break in your shoes prior to going to the interview.
6. Don't swim in your perfume or cologne. Some people have sensitive noses, and it's just better to be a little more on the safe side when it comes to scents. I recommend just sticking to a lightly scented moisturizer.
7. OHI (Oral Hygiene) is very important! Make sure that your teeth are nice and pretty via the old traditional route: brushing your teeth, flossing, and mouth wash. Don't skip the floss, it does wonders on clearing up your breath (plus keeps your teeth healthy!)

What kind of makeup can you rely on for an important interview? What are some things you do before an interview? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. Such pretty makeup.. I love your eye makeup! It's perfect for interviews or work xx

    Gemma |

  2. Thank you for the interview tips, Pauline! I'm applying for so many jobs recently, and this posts will definitely help me, ahaha. Your eye makeup looks awesome in here, as well!


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