Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review: Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24 Hour Cream

Claims: Effectively pre-empts moisture loss at its source by helping to bind moisture deep within the skin's surface layers. Helps skin maintain its own ideal moisture level so it feels soft, smooth and balanced day after day.
Price: $10-15 at a CCO
Size: 1.7 oz/4.9g/50 mL
Where to Buy: Amazon, Elizabeth Arden Outlets and TJ Maxx (discontinued in the US unfortunately)

Hello friends! Today I will be sharing with you a favorite of mine, the Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24 Hour Cream. I have been a long time of the Elizabeth Arden Good Night Sleep Moisturizer for awhile, so I knew I had to try this one out. I picked this one up at TJ Maxx awhile back for 10-15 dollars, roughly half the price of the retail value. This is a wonderful nighttime moisturizer that I enjoyed thoroughly during the winter months (and whenever I need an extra boost of hydration).

As many of you know, I have oily skin. On a normal day to day basis, this moisturizer actually provides too much hydration to my skin, hence why I enjoy it during the colder months because my skin is a bit dryer then. However, if you have dry skin I think this is a fantastic moisturizer for you year round. Because of how hydrating this moisturizer is, I tend to use it only at night when my skin is feeling dry. While the moisturizer is very hydrating, it is not too thick. The consistency is just right and it is very easily blended into the skin, There is a relaxing cucumber scent in this moisturizer that is very soothing and the moisturizer itself is always cool to the touch. After wearing this moisturizer at night, my skin feels more plump and hydrated then the day before.

Overall, I highly recommend this moisturizer to anyone who is in the market for one that provides a great deal of hydration. While I did purchase this moisturizer at a discounted price, I would easily pick this one up at full price, because I adore it so much. If you are looking for a great night time moisturizer that doesn't provide as much hydration as this (because you have oilier skin), try out the Elizabeth Arden Good Night Sleep Cream! Unfortunately, this product is discontinued in the US, but I have found this product consistently in my TJ Maxx and various Elizabeth Arden Outlets so if you can pick it up, I highly recommend you do so!

What are your favorite night time moisturizers? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. It's so awesome to find a moisturiser that works really well! ^_^
    I wonder if the 8 hour cream would work better as a daily moisturiser for all skintypes..

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  2. I've been meaning to try the 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden for a long time now... I just have never gotten around to doing so because I never seem to run out of moisturizers..and when I do I forget to pick that one up lol


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