Get Ready With Me: Valentine's Day Collaboration with ErrinLovesMakeup

Girl's Night Out Collaboration with But First, Coffee and Undeniably Me

The Makeup Swap feat. Vanessa from Citron and Guavaberry

For those of you who are interested in collaborating, I have several ideas:

1) Makeup swap: Can be drugstore, high end, or international swap :D With a price limit of course, I am still a college student!
2) Makeup/Fashion for formal occasions: Think Prom, Homecoming, Weddings, etc
3) 30 Day Challenge: Basically, 30 days of us doing makeup or fashion looks, with each day having a different theme. Can be done via blogging or youtubing.

If you have any other suggestions, just give me a shout. I'd be more then happy to do collaborations with other beauty blogger or youtubers. Once again, just give me a shoutout and I'll definitely consider it!

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