Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hits or Misses: It Cosmetics for Ulta Airbush Essentials Collection Brushes

Hello friends! Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on these four It Cosmetics for Ulta Brushes from the Airbrush Essentials Collection. These are currently the majority of my high end brush collection (minus the Mac 217 and two Anastasia brow brushes). I have been buying them slowly, usually waiting on a 20% coupon  from Ulta on prestige brands before I bought them. I have not regretted any of the brush purchases I have made, these four are soft and don't shed when you wash them. Also, another benefit of these brushes is that they are all synthetic!So for those of you who were wondering how these brushes were, hope you find my thoughts here useful!

It Cosmetics for Ulta Angled Shadow Crease Brush #107 - $13
This brush is a little bit more dense than the Elf Defining Eye Brush (which I reviewed in a collection Elf Brush post here), making it perfect for adding color into the outer corner. I also really like this brush for defusing and blending the crease out, as well as adding highlight on the browbone. Overall I really like this brush a lot because it isn't too dense where blending isn't impossible, and not too flimsy where it can't do much. However, I must say that this brush I use the least out of all the other brushes I own from It Cosmetics...mainly because it's not a necessity, but rather something that you sometimes need if you added too much color onto your lids.

It Cosmetics for Ulta Blending Crease Brush #105 - $14
Before this entered my life, my eye makeup application was weak. Now having this in my life, my eye makeup game is a lot stronger. This brush is soft and the bristles are packed in a way to never add too much eyeshadow into your crease and too blend out harsh edges. I usually use this brush to add a transition color to my eyes and to do extra blending so that my eye makeup isn't too harsh. Overall, I absolutely love this brush and I use it in almost every eye makeup look. Definitely a must have in mu collection!

It Cosmetics for Ulta Airbrush OMG! Foundation Brush #106 - $24
This may look like the traditional flat paddle foundation brushes, but don't be fooled...this  brush is so much more than that. I can rely on this brush to get the foolish coverage out of my foundation with the most minimal product, something that I can't do with other foundation brush. I feel it's because of how densely packed the foundation brush is in comparison to other similar foundation brush. As such, I like using this with Sheer foundations to instantly get the best coverage the foundation. Besides the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, this is the foundation brush I reach for the most. Seems a bit insane to love a paddle brush like this...but this has been an absolute dream to own.

It Cosmetics for Ulta Soft Focus Blush Brush #113 - $24
As I mentioned in my Product Smackdown: Blush Brushes, this is my favorite blush brush to use. This brush is perfect for applying blush onto your cheeks. It distributes blush evenly, causing no streaks or uneven blush application. This brush is best suited for all blushes! Blush game is a lot stronger now that I own this brush.

Have you tried any It Cosmetics Brushes? Do you have any favorite high end brushes you swear by? Let me know in the comment section below!

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