Friday, July 4, 2014

June 2014 Favorites

Hello guys! So today I have a video where I show you what my favorites for the month of June! Lots of old., rediscovered favorites here but are some new favorites as well! I didn't have as much makeup favorites like in previous months, mainly because I have been focusing on clearing up my skin and have been wearing almost no makeup for the majority of the month! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and let me know what your favorites of the month was!

Products Mentioned:
Benefit Rockateur
Boots Botanics Mattifying Day Cream Shine Away Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15
Hawaiian Tropic Ultra Radiance Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscren SPF 15
Inglot AMC Pigments in 30 and 69
Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil in Continuous Almond - Review
Mac Eyeshadow in Amber Lights
Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light
the Balm Hot Mama

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Hope your Fourth of July weekend is going great! I'm definitely taking advantage of the nice sales that are going on! Let me know what your weekend plans are in the comment section below!

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  1. Great favorites!!! I totally would love to own that blush from benefit and that boots mattifying cream! I could use some jordana shadows too, love cream pencil shadows for bases!

  2. I'd love to try the Inglot pigments, I have a custom pressed shadow palette I picked up in Dubai and to be honest...I don't even use it lol! Great list this month.

    I've still yet to try that Jordana pencil ;-; (SHAME!)(because I often forget about it; I haven't tried the NYX pencils to compare either)
    I'm so glad I'm going to the UK soon so I can STOCK UP ON SLEEK

  4. Definitely grab those products if you get a chance Sharlynn! I highly, highly recommend! I have to admit the cream eyeshadows in a pot are my favored method for bases...but lately I have been going towards pencil shadows!

  5. I need to use my Inglot eyeshadows more, thats for sure... but definitely try out Inglot pigments! They are fabulous!

  6. Oh my goodness! If you get a chance pick up a couple of their eyeshadows or pigments! I know you will love them!

  7. Yes, you are awesome ;)

    SHAME INDEED. I forget I have makeup products too, which is why things go missing so often >.> So jealous you are going to the UK soon... there are so many products I want to grab from Sleek, Makeup Revolution, MUA, Collection, and Charlotte Tilbury ;_; I'd go broke!

  8. Quite a few products I've been coveting! You are much better than I, I almost never wear SPF *hides*

  9. Awesome video!!! love to find out favorites, great stuff I need to get for myself!


  10. im super sold at how you described rockateur here! gotta have it asap hihi :)
    btw ingot pigment white gold so pretty O.O

  11. I haven't tried anything from the Jordana line, but that pencil looks awesome!

  12. When I wear foundation, eek!

  13. Loved this video! will defo have to check out those Jordana pencils next time I'm making a beautyjoint order ^_^

  14. Yes! You must have that in your life! I absolutely recommend! And the pigment is BEAUTIFUL. I love it SO SO much!

  15. If you ever get the chance to try, I highly recommend! I actually like the line better than the NYX ones, but Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk is a lot better than the one in the Jordana line!

  16. Definitely do so! Avoid the white jumbo pencil one though, that one is extremely patchy!


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