Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#Makeupless Monday Review: Boots Botanics Mattifying Day Cream Shine Away SPF 15

I'm a little late posting this on my blog, but here was yesterday's Makeupless Monday Review, featuring Boots Botanics Mattifying Day Cream Shine Away SPF 15. For those of you who are new to my blog & channel, I have started a new series on my youtube channel that is inspired by the hashtag #MakeuplessMonday! This video serves two purposes, first and most importantly I am working on improving my skin by changing my lifestyle and skincare habits! Secondly, I will be doing a review on beauty related items and giving you my opinions sans makeup! I don't do a lot of reviews on my youtube channel, so I am working on changing that! For some reason, I have a big tendency to do reviews on my blog! As such, I am working to switch things up and get things done! I'm currently filming in batches so my skin here is the same as it was last week (trying to get a good schedule settled for when I go to Canada for vacation!)

Cutting to the chase, this moisturizer that I recently hauled has now become my latest favorite moisturizer! I definitely recommend it to you if you have oily skin! Watch the video to see my thoughts on the product!

What is your favorite moisturizer right now? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. I can never have enough moisturizer I am going to have to give this brand a try! I love my Clarins Hydra Quench which I use every day and I have another from Juara Skin care which is inspired by Indonesian skin care. I have one by Tilth beauty which is loaded with natural ingredients and is super hydrating...those are my fav thus far lol.

  2. This line is all organic right? I really wanna try the lotion out

  3. I've never used this brand, but now I am curious!

  4. Definitely give boots cosmetics a try! I really do like this product a lot!


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