Thursday, July 17, 2014

1st Impression: Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation

Hello guys! Today I have here a 1st Impression review of the Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I had a Macy's Gift Card and I decided to pick up this foundation as well as Rebel lipstick (which I am wearing in the video) so I didn't necessarily break my Project 10 Pan... but I did kinda cheat a bit! I've been on the hunt for a good powder foundation for my oily skin! I've heard plenty of great things about this product so I wanted to go test this out! Needless to say I'm not sure if this has made the cut yet, but after a day of wear in below average heat and humidity (peaking at 85 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida), this did wear somewhat alright. I will definitely trial this on for a bit longer before I make my final option, but nevertheless, here is my first impression review where I check in throughout the day and give you my thoughts!

Please let me know if there is a powder foundation for oily skin that you could recommend! 

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  1. yay I love first impression videos! And it's been soo humid in GA recently too. It's been driving me kinda crazy cause I've been noticing my makeup breaking down faster. But I really like the Maybelline Dream Wonder powder. I like the coverage and it keeps me decently matte. The studio fix seems like a powder that might work for me in the cooler months though.

  2. Definitely give it a try! Personally for me, I find that it doesn't hold up as well as I would like in this humid summer weather we are having! It may work for me in the winter though!

  3. I love 1st Impression videos! I have to recommend Studio Fix for the winter months.... it is not doesn't keep me matte for long enough of a time to keep in my hand bag during the summer! Definitely need to get a hold of Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder! Heard great things about that!


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