Thursday, May 15, 2014

Makeup MAYhem Day 15 - Review of Naturelle Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Claims: Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo is a super-hydrating formula for very dry, coarse hair. Blended with botanical extracts to help naturally replenish moisture, making hair more manageable, soft and shiny. UV inhibitors help protect against harsh environmental factors. Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner is a super rich formula that deeply conditions and rehydrates very dry, coarse hair. Blended with botanical extracts and lipids to help lock out humidity and frizz while locking in moisture. Makes hair silky, soft and manageable. UV inhibitors help protect against harsh environmental factors.
Price: 13.19 (retail price according to the website...but I'm almost positive they always sell this for 7.99)
Size: 33.8 oz/1 L
Where can I buy: Sally Beauty

Hello guys! So today I will be doing a holy grail product spotlight, the Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I was first initially introduced to this product by the ladies working Sally Beauty Supply as being a dupe for the Matrix Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner (which is something I adore to death). So naturally, I knew I had to give this shampoo and conditioner combo a go.

The version I got was the jumbo size, 33.8 oz. This size lasts for about 3 months (and would probably last longer if my whole household..all 5 of us.... weren't using this together). I usually buy this product when they are doing a buy one get one free sale over at Sally's Beauty Supply, which makes it about $4 for the Shampoo and Conditioner each!

In regards to the claims, I truly believe that this product makes my hair very soft and has successfully moisturized my hair. Prior to using this shampoo, my hair was extremely dry and I was relying on the Matrix Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner to help it out. Once I discovered this shampoo and realized how good it was, I didn't look back. While I don't think this lathers well as the Matrix Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner, I feel like it does the job just as well, cleaning my hair thoroughly and ensuring that my hair is moisturized and shiny. The fragrance in this shampoo is not too overwhelming, I don't find it to be detestable like some shampoos can be. The quality of my hair has significantly improved since using this product. While the shampoo has sulfates as an ingredient, I haven't noticed deleterious change in my hair, rather I have noticed an improvement using this shampoo.

Now having waist-length hair, there are very few products I know that I can rely on to ensure that my hair maintains its quality and strength. After discovering this shampoo and conditioner combo, I find that I do not reach for an expensive brand, such as Matrix, anymore. The Biotera Shampoo and Conditioner does the job just as good, if not better than other higher end brands for a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend this product for those of you who have long hair and need to maintain and replenish moisture in your hair.

Ingredients for Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo

Ingredients of Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner

What is your current favorite shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to check out my giveaway here (open internationally)!


  1. I...didn't even know people could have HG shampoos LOL. I don't frequent my local Sally's Beauty supply too often (they do have hard to find nail polish brands there though...e.g. China Glaze isn't commonly sold here), but I was there once and my mom was like "WE SHOULD BUY A SHAMPOO HERE! THESE BOTTLES ARE HUGE!" so I'm guessing this bottle will be purchased next time!

  2. Of course people have HG shampoos xD Go frequent Sally's Beauty Supply! They have nice gems in there that isn't usually found... like the one I just well as China Glaze :P The main reason why I bought the shampoo/conditioner was that the bottles were SO huge.... I was, more bang for my buck that's for sure! And it turned out fab!

  3. Pft, could you imagine if the shampoo turned out horrible? You'd be stuck with it 5ever ;)

  4. Oh gosh, that sounds awful O.O itll probably collect dust underneath my bathroom cabinet. ...until some poor soul decides to use it

  5. Great information here! I'm glad to see a good shampoo and conditioner combo that does the job as the higher end brands but not as expensive! Thanks for sharing!
    thanks for your lovely comment :) Would you like to follow each other?


  6. Yeeep, definitely check this shampoo and conditioner combo out! I'll check out your blog and let you know there...I don't usually do follow for follow :)

  7. I like the Biolage line by Matrix too! But Matrix doesnt have silicones right? This one has! :(

  8. :( didn't realize that this had silicones.... dang those long ingredient list -.- but you are right, Biolage doesn't have silicones. It performs just as well though, in my opinion regardless of the silicone in the product.


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