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Makeup MAYhem Day 9 - Hits and Misses: Elf Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

Hey guys! So today I will be doing a post on the Hits and Misses of Elf Cosmetics Brushes! While I do not own all of the brushes, I do own a decent amount of brushes in their collection...and I plan on owning more brushes in the future! The brushes in the line are very affordable, ranging from $1 to $6. You can find these brushes over at Target and I have also spotted a very small selection (one to five brushes)at Dollar Tree, Kmart, and Walgreens of Elf Brushes, but your best bet of getting the ones I have listed here are online or in stores at Target. Keep on reading to see what I like, don't like, and what I recommend instead!

Elf Essential Brush Collection:

Elf Essential Blending Eye Brush - $1
I hardly ever touch this brush for a couple of reasons. It sheds like crazy when I use it and when I wash it. The brush is also too dense to be used as a blending brush, my eyeshadows don't blend effortlessly as with the Elf Essential Eye Defining Brush (mentioned later in this post)! This brush is a miss for me.

Elf Essential Blushing, Bronzing, and Blending Brush - $1
I recommend you skip out on this brush, if at all possible. While this brush can deposit color somewhat decently, the brush is SO scratchy and uncomfortable to use. The brush doesn't get softer after washing either...which doesn't help its case.

Elf Essential Concealer Brush - $1
This brush is very reminiscent of the Real Techniques Detailer Brush, but it is a bit smaller. This brush is great for precisely placing concealer on you face as well as being a good lip brush! While this brush isn't meant for blending out concealer that is placed, I do recommend this brush. For a dollar, this can't be beat at all!

Elf Essential Eye Defining Brush - $1
This is one of my favorite brushes out of all that I own. I love using this brush to blend out my eyeshadow and placing a highlight eyeshadow underneath my brow bone. Definitely pick this brush up if you get a chance!

Elf Essential Eyeshadow "C" Brush - $1
Think a $1 eyeshadow brush sucks? Think again. This brush can pack on color just like any other fancy pants eyeshadow brush. So, question you may want to know...should I pick up this one up or the Elf Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush? It honestly is a personal preference, while I prefer the Studio Eyeshadow Brush more this one, I know some people are the other way around. My advice, if you can, pick both of them up and decide for yourself! Then, once you have that figured out, stock up! Both are uber affordable, and it won't hurt your wallet much at all!

Elf Essential Foundation Brush - $1
For a flat foundation brush, this isn't that bad in comparison to other foundation brushes. Like every other foundation brush, this can cause your liquid foundation to lightly streak on your face. When I first started using makeup, I used this brush and it worked fine for me. If in a really tight budget, I'd say go for it! You can blend out the streaks with your fingers or a cosmetic sponge. If you have bit more money, I'd say go and grab Real Techniques Travel Essential Kit for the Essential Foundation Brush (or if you want to be fancy, grab the Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques).

Elf Essential Smudge Brush - $1
For me, this brush was a miss. I was unable to get this brush to smudge well with the small eyes that I have, on both the upper and lower lash line. As such, I recommend skipping this. I have had better luck with a tiny pencil brush (I recommend Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo, the smaller pencil brush has worked wonders for me!)

Elf Studio Brush Collection:

Elf Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush - $3
One of my favorite eyeliner brushes to use for gel eyeliner. This eyeliner brush is very precise, provided that you don't pick up too much excess product. If too much product is being picked up, your eyeliner can be a lot thicker than what you intended. Other than that, its one of my favorites.

Elf Studio Angled Foundation Brush - $3
Surprisingly enough, I prefer the Essential Foundation brush more than this one. I have found that there is less streaking with foundation using the Essential Foundation brush then when using this brush. However, I like using this brush for blending out concealer more than the Essential Foundation brush.

Elf Studio Blush Brush - $3
Such a wonderful blush brush! This brush is most effective when it is clean, the dirtier the brush the more likely it is to make your blush application a bit patchy. I recommend this brush for blushes that with light to medium pigmentation. This brush can pack on color well, but it doesn't blend extremely pigmented blushes out well. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this brush!

Elf Studio Complexion Brush - $3
One of my go-to brushes for powder application! I love to use this for powder foundation, setting powder, and translucent powders! It applies product beautifully on the skin. I've also used this brush for applying blush and bronzer (just to warm up my face), and it also works really well.

Elf Studio Contour Brush - $3
This brush was great for placing the contour along the sides of the nose and placing eyeshadow in the outer V of my eyelids. Other than, that it isn't the greatest for much else. This brush doesn't blend well, and is too small to use face contour. I'd honestly not purchase this brush again because it can only be used for two tasks.

Elf Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush - $3
My preferred flat eyeshadow brush. This picks up eyeshadow very well, better than the Essential Eyeshadow "C" Brush in my opinion. While this brush is more dense and bigger than the other brush, it is not something that has effected my makeup application. I own two of these brushes, which states how important this is in my brush collection!

Elf Studio Fan Brush - $3
I have a love/hate relationship with this brush. While I do enjoy this brush for applying powder lightly on my face, this brush isn't the most dense to apply highlighter very well (unless the highlighter is very pigmented).

Elf Studio Kabuki Face Brush - $6
This brush is by far one of my favorite brush I've purchased thus far. It is a very versatile brush, I can use it to apply powder and blend out harsh foundation, blush, or bronzer. It's a great brush to have and for six dollars it is a bargain.

Elf Studio Powder Brush - $3
Another holy grail powder brush in my collection. This works just the same as the Studio Complexion Brush, I use it to apply powder foundation, setting powder, and translucent powder. I typically don't reach for this brush for blush or bronzer, but I do love how this brush can buff in powders really well! I also use this brush when I have over applied blush and bronzer on my face. This works very well to blend out any harshness that may have haphazardly occurred when I underestimated how pigmented a blush and bronzer is.

Elf Studio Small Angled Brush - $3
This is the other preferred gel eyeliner brush. I tend to use this one more than the Angled Eyeliner Brush, because it does not pick up excess product like the other brush does. Highly recommend this brush!

Elf Studio Small Stipple Brush - $3
This brush is absolutely wonderful for applying cream highlighters and blushes. I also like using this brush for powder highlighters and blush, because it doesn't apply too much product on the skin. I have tried to use this with liquid foundations and it hasn't been that effective. However, I still recommend this product!

What elf brushes have you guys tried? Let me know in the comment section below!! Be sure to check out my giveaway here.


  1. Oh my god, BLESS THIS POST. Bookmarking this and gonna share this with everyone I know, whether they want to know about it or not. (In the meantime tho...HOLY CARPS YOU WERE NOT KIDDING WHEN YOU SAID YOU HAVE A LOT OF ELF BRUSHES)

  2. LOL. Thanks for the shoutout dear :D Yea, I do have a lot of Elf brushes... and I'm planning on buying more...which is what makes it worse :B They are so affordable that you tend to lose track of how much you pay for them...

  3. Thanks for the reviews! I realized that the brushes I want most are the normal C brush, the powder brush from the studio line and the small stipple! Cheap brushes are good but cheap brushes that aren't shapely or dense enough to do the job are out! Maybe the studio contour brush would be good for using on the eyes? Like for placing shadow in the outer V? thanks so much for the in depth reviews!

  4. Those are great brushes that you are wanting! Oh YEA. Completely forgot to mention that its great for placing eyeshadow in the outer V...but not good for blending! Thanks for mentioning :D

  5. I love your blog! Your header is amazing. ELF brushes can be really good. My fav is definitely the small stipple brush to apply creme blushes!!! Thanks for your post it was really helpful. I found you through the Meet me on the Bright Side Blog Hop. I hope you will check out my beauty blog as well xx.


  6. I love your brush collection! I haven't tried elf brushes yet, because it's not available in my region I'm living :(


  7. oh my , this is a great collection and so much info on each brush. I

  8. Awww, thanks! Glad you liked my blog! The ELF brushes are great, majority of the time! And yep, the small stipple brush is great to apply cream blushes! And glad you found the blog helpful! Will definitely be checking out your blog!

  9. :( If you get the chance, definitely try out ELF brushes! I think they do international shipping, so it may be worth checking that out!

  10. Tehe :D yea, it took me awhile to write up this brush review... XD Hope you liked!

  11. ShoppingObsessionMay 11, 2014 at 2:17 PM

    One of my favorite brushes from ELF is their studio powder brush. Such a nice and affordable brush. Totally agree with you for their essential brush collection. A few of mine shred like crazy and they are pretty stiff.

    New follower from the blog hop :)

  12. This is a great post! It's very informative and perfect timing because I have been looking into buying some elf brushes!

  13. The studio powder brush is absolutely great! And yea, unfortunately the essential line isn't the greatest :/ Some stellar products, but mainly duds.

  14. Great! I'm so glad that you found my review helpful!

  15. I feel like for the price you can never go wrong with ELF! Lovely review! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  16. Its wonderful that ELF is affordable! Makes trying out products extremely easy! Glad you like the review!

  17. ooo i think ill look for the kabuki brush next time i head on to elf, ill bookmark this for reference. thanks pauline! i got the C brush as a gift and i like it as well :)

  18. I really like the small stippling brush from the studio line for foundation x

  19. I need to experiment with that brush more with foundation! I haven't had much luck so far... but will be trying more!

  20. I have the Elf Studio Contour Brush and thought it did not blend well either. I like you suggestion to use it for contouring around the nose. I will have to it.

  21. Definitely use the suggestion! I think it is fabulous for contouring around the nose!

  22. Wow, such a detailed review of Elf brushes. This must have taken so bloody long to write about. I admire you for it! I am looking into these so although I have read a lot of this post, I will definitely be referring back to it when I am ready on eyeslipsface to purchase. Rosemary x

  23. This took SO long to write, but was so worth it! I am very pleased with the detailed review, and it seems like everyone enjoys this post! Hope this will help you out when you go on the elf website and buy their brushes!


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