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Review: Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil

Claims: Dried out hair from all the fabulous styling you've done to it? Not to worry--NuMe's got the perfect elixir for those thirsty locks. With NuMe's famous Arganics, you can give your hair the moisturizing experience it deserves.

Your hair will fall in love with our Argan Oil, a luscious recipe rich in Vitamin E and other beneficial fatty acids. This specialized non-greasy formula will penetrate damaged hair cuticles, leaving your hair stunningly healthy from the inside out. But wait--there's more! Our advanced Arganics reduces drying time in damp hair while deeply hyrdrating and prevents fading on color-treated hair. Argan Oil is also ideal for dry and tired skin as a reparative moisturizer, soothing rough and ravaged spots from head to toe.

Shine on with a refreshing aroma and a Brand Nu perspective!
Price: $59.00 (I purchased this with itsjudytime promo, which also came with the 19MM Magic Wand, it totaled to $64)
Size: 4 fl oz/118 mL
Where Can It Be Purchased?: NuMe

Hey guys! So today I will be doing a review on the Aragnics by NuMe Argan Oil. I received this back during the summer with my NuMe haul. Prior to the whole argan oil craze that happened in the beauty world, many cultures have been putting oil in their hair for years. As such, I was very excited to try this product out once I received it!

The packaging of is made of glass, so you have to be careful when you take it out of the mail. I, unfortunately, wasn't careful so I broke it almost immediately! As such, this product won't be the best for travelling, so you would have to put in a travel container.

Travel Container from Target that I am currently keeping the Argan Oil in 

So prior to using this my hair was normal consistency for the most part, not too dry and not too greasy. However, I had a lot of split ends were really dry. Once I started using it on both my skin and my hair, I saw a lot of wonderful changes. I have used this product on my hair for over six months now and I have to say that I have realized that my hair has significantly improved since I started using this product. The oil has led my hair to be smooth, moisturized, and smelling good. I use about a dime size amount for my hair when my hair is about 80% dry (after I wash my hair). I highly recommend using the argan oil when your hair is still wet because it will still be able to penetrate your hair rather than sit on it. I've tried using this when my hair is 100% dry and the affect is not the same. My hair has a tendency to be really greasy when I use the product dry.

While I do recommend this product, I feel like buying this product full price is a bit...rather huge (the price tag is a bit hefty!) Although this is a very expensive product, I have barely made a dent on this product, so I expect to have this product for the a really long time. While I would repurchase this product if I can get it on sale, I would probably not purchase the product at full price. I feel that there are dupes for argan oil somewhere (I know that Sally's Beauty Supply sells it at the fraction of the cost).

Update: Interested in a drugstore alternative? Check out my review of the OGX Argan Oil of Morrocco here.

What do you guys think? Have you guys ever used hair oils? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. I remember that I received a trial bottle in my Glossybox, and although I loved the smell and how my hair felt, the price tag for the full size has prevented me from buying it again. I've seen other brands of argan oil out there for less, so I might try one of those instead.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. The price is pretty hefty :/ Once I'm finished with this (which will be a while from now), I will be trying out other ones for sure!

  2. Shame it's not very good value for money, but at least it performed well! xx

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

    1. I know right! I will be using this for awhile though...have no idea when I am going to finish!

  3. (I'm sorry but the only thing I got around to noticing was the PERIOD TABLE IN THE BACKGROUND????!?!! So hardcore....but then again you are a med student, heheheh)
    DAT PRICE. But then again, it is a considerable amount of oil.....
    I think I have a general misconceptions about all oils doing the same thing. I usually just slap coconut oil in my hair from time to time, but I should really try putting in the oil when my hair is still slightly damp instead of when it's dry!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

    1. LOL. yea, I have periodic tables are all over the place. The price is so expensive, but I honestly don't see myself running out any time soon at all! Definitely try putting oil in when your hair is wet!


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