Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: To Reward Myself (Holiday Kits Style)

Welcome to another Wishlist Wednesday! In this edition I will be showing you the holiday kits that I really do want to have in my collection (even though it may not make much sense considering how I already have too much for one person anyways...). All of these are from high end makeup brands, ranging from brands where I do own a product or two to brands where I don't own anything. As always, I will be detailing which products I will most likely buy and why I will or won't. 

Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calender
Will I Buy: Maybe
Why: This is probably one of the most adorable ideas I have seen a makeup company come across with. Basically, every day in December you get to open up and there is a little sample of one of Benefit's famed products. While I may not buy it for myself, there is of course a high likely chance I will buy it for an awesome friend!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Will I Buy: Possibly
Why: I so, so, so badly want this palette. I have always been a huge admirer of Hourglass products, but I haven't spiked my courage up to pick something up from them. Not to mention, while I love highlighting my face, I'm kinda skeptical with how amazing this product is in comparison to everything else in the market. Maybe if I do well in my classes I will splurge!
Marc Jacobs Beauty The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set
Will I Buy: Probably Not
Why: This kit would be a great value kit for those who want to try Marc Jacobs beauty products. Only reason why I don't want this is because there are other products I want more that are selling in the Holidays!

NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection Limited Edition One Night Stand Cheek Palette
Will I Buy: Probably  Purchased
Why: The last time Nars had a cheek palette (which I did not pick up) was two years ago. I have heavily regretted it since then and as such, this is probably something I will pick up eventually (I'm using this as a motivator for me to have beautiful grades this semester...if my grades are good I will pick this up, if I don't...then this will get left behind :( )

Tarte Off the Cuff Amazonian 12HR Blush Palette and Bracelet
Will I Buy: Yes
Why: Blame Vanessa over at Citron and Guavaberry (can I just have this as my reason?!) But besides that, I love Tarte's blushes (just hit pan on one from last Holiday collection)... and I just can't imagine my collection without these. Will probably hit this up during the Sephora VIB Sale ;)

Too Faced All I Want For Christmas
Will I Get This: Maybe
Why: I currently don't own any Too Faced products, and this kit would be a great way to be introduced to them. Why I do want this a lot, I'm also eyeing at other products a bit more... so this is a maybe. Highly tempted though.

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette
Will I Buy: Probably Not
Why: Unfortunately the amount of eyeshadows I own is a bit ridiculous. However, this Vice 2 Palette was more appealing than the original Vice Palette. The packaging of this is absolutely beautiful, and the swatches that I have seen on this is AMAZING. Maybe I will get this as a present to a friend.... but besides that, won't be added to my collection.

Have any of you guys picked out anything from any of the Holiday collection yet? If so, what did you pick up? Feel free to recommend me products that you think I should try and all in the comment section below!


  1. HA I love how Tarte got the 'yes'. I want the Benefit Advent Calendar, but it's so expensive!!
    The Hourglass palette is so nice, but they're just highlighters ;-; (aka, not the most noticeable when applied to the face, ya feel?)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. I know right! Didn't end up getting the Tarte palette wasn't in my Sephora...shocker :((( and YES, thats the main reason why I can't pick up the Hourglass palette, its mainly because they are just highlighters... and I'd rather pick up other products....

  2. Replies
    1. It is beautiful! Picked it up and its absolutely fabulous!

  3. Oh wow the NARS palette looks incredible! As does that Marc Jacobs makeup set, everything just looks so nice!

    Kathryn x

    1. I know right! I did end up picking up the Nars palette :D

  4. The NARS blush looks amazing! This was a great wish list!

  5. lol saw the palette on Vanessa's blog and was all undecided b/w that and hte Nars. went with the nars though.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. tehe I ended up with Nars because Tarte set didn't exist in my Sephora :(

  6. Awesome post! I want all of these sets too, especially the Marc Jacobs one! But it's such a splurge...


    1. It is such a splurge! But it is such a great intro to the Marc Jacobs line :D I'll keep thinking about it...

  7. This is quite the wishlist! I've been lusting over the Hourglass palette. If I make the long trip to Sephora, I will need to test it out for myself.

    1. It's absolutely breathtaking, the colors in that palette. So terribly expensive though :/


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