Friday, July 19, 2013

Fantastic Fridays 7/19/13

Saturday 7/13/13
- MCAT Studying: Physics

Sunday 7/14/13
- MCAT Studying: Physics >.<

Monday 7/15/13
- MCAT Class Day, featuring Verbal Section!

Tuesday 7/16/13
-Posted Tips on a "No Makeup" Makeup Look
-Work Day!

Wednesday 7/17/13
- Posted Wishlist Wednesday: Drugstore Makeup Products
- Went on 2 Lunch Dates today!
- MCAT Studying! Physics Time :)

Thursday 7/18/13
- Posted Independence Day + Haul
- Had another Lunch Date today as well as a seperate Boba date today!
- MCAT Physics and Verbal Studying!

Friday 7/19/13
- Laser Appointment and Microdermabrasion Appointment today!
- Got my eyebrows threaded today...and not happy with how they look. This is why you should not change the place where you get your eyebrows done >.<
- Going to a trampoline arena with my sister! SO PUMPED.

Random thoughts throughout the week:
- I'M FINALLY GOING TO GET TEXTING. 20 years old and my asian parents finally caved in to buying the texting plan! Should be getting it by the end of the month :)
- Skin has been going NUTS. So I haven't worn any face makeup for a week now and have been drinking water like crazy.
- I really want more Mac Makeup.... like I really want more Mac Makeup >.<.
- I really should try to finish more of my products for Project 10 Pan... but I got so many nice new products recently that it's been difficult!
- I'm about to hit pan on all my skincare products... I'm totally dreading this moment. But, I'll have empties up for you guys by the end of this month! Should be a significant amount of products... LOL.

How was your week? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. My week was fantastic! Loads of lazing around. Yours look super busy. Hooray for getting your text plan.

    1. Lazy weeks are the best! Yes, it was a pretty busy week :)


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