Friday, July 5, 2013

Fantastic Fridays! 7/5/13!

- MCAT studying: Orgo Time!
- Whole Foods has the best Tiramisu. It's SO divine!

-Shadowed an Urgent Care Physician for six hours and had a BLAST. Posted an FOTD & OOTD showcasing what business casual attire I was wearing!

- Posted my June Favorites
- Had delicious Indian food at my friend aunt's house.

- Posted 25 Things About Me Tag :)
- Lounged at home the whole day pretty much, but I did my sister's makeup!
- Participating in a lot of blog hops :) Buttons are on the sidebar :)

- Posted My Sister's Makeup: 7/2/13
- Went to the gym with Jenny, one of my bffls, and then had a lunch date at a Wing place!
- Had a consultation with an Oral Max Surgeon. Have myself scheduled for wisdom teeth removal at the beginning of August D:

- Posted Travel Makeup Bag: Fourth of July Holiday
- Had delicious BBQ for dinner and Tiramisu for dessert!

- Driving up to Orlando today :) Ready to have a blast this weekend :)

And for some random thoughts throughout the week:
- Have been sorely tempted to buy more makeup...even though I'm undergoing Project 10 Pan... I must not give in. I must not give in -.-
- I keep needing to get my eyebrow threaded, but I haven't gotten the chance. Everytime I think that I will actually take care of them after I get them done I never do... *sigh* They are now completely out of CONTROL.
- Hit some milestones this week :) Over 2000 views on the blog, 16 followers on GFC, and 12 followers on bloglovin! Thank you guys so much <33333

How was your week guys? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. That's so exciting you were able to shadow the physician, love your outfit - you look great! :)

    1. I know right! I was so excited that Sunday :) Thanks girlie :)


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