Monday, May 20, 2013

Nails of the Day!

I was totally procrastinating on studying for my summer classes that I felt like painting my nails (which is very rare, I don't tend to do my nails at all). I am using Sephora's nail polish in Gold Digger and Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails UV Top Coat. For most of my nails, it took only one coat of the nail polish for it to apply in the opacity that I want. It's a lovely color, I will certainly be using this color more often.

From Left to Right: Sephora's Gold Digger and Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails UV Top Coat

I've purchased Gold Digger (.15 oz) in a nail wand set in February and I've had the Sally Hansen Top Coat for years. The nail wand set is no longer sold in Sephora but the is still sold online at Ebay and other various online dealers. I purchased the Sally Hansen UV Top Coat (.45 fl oz/13.3 mL) with a French Manicure set which I believe is still in most drugstores. 

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