Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Overheated Phone + Factory Reset = Disaster

Hello guys! So today I wanted to share with you the unfortunate death of my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. Bit of a sad story (but I think there is a bit of humor in this), so I figured I'd share with you guys! Starting the new year trying to share a little more personal tidbits, so you guys can get to know me a little more.... and unfortunately this is a sad one.

So first things first, I would like to share with you guys some personal background. My first cell phone was in 7th grade (or 13 years old) so that my parents could keep in touch with me on the I stayed late for afterschool activity (Mu Alpha Theta, Student Government...etc). Funny enough, days I did not get texting and data until my junior year of college (at this time I was 21). So... needless to say I was kind of late on the whole texting/internet bandwagon that the majority of my peers (and plenty of people older and younger) had joined.

But back to the actual story. So on Sunday (January 4, 2015) my phone overheated. Now, this wasn't the first time my phone got hot but it was the first time where there was a warning pop up saying something along the lines of "phone is overheating, only applications that can be used is phone and contacts".

Alarming? Yes. But I didn't think much about it until the next message - "turning off phone to cool down phone"

That was when I freaked out.

After a couple of hours, I decided to turn my phone back on... and the same two messages came in succession to one another within five minutes of turning my phone on. And the process repeated itself a couple of times... and that was when I came to a conclusion that my phone has died. Right before I started typing this blog post out, I tried turning on the phone again and the same two messages popped up once more.

So little old me decided that I should pop over to Best Buy and speak to the Samsung expert there. He initially thought that my phone needed to have an update pushed through and then it would be fine. However, the same two messages came up and my phone did not work. That was when I suggested a factory reset (which basically means that my phone is wiped 100% clean).

This smart cookie over here did not back up any of her data on her phone before doing a factory reset. Partly because all I cared about was instant results and having a functioning phone back. Partly because I thought my photos were backed up on dropbox. Turns out that after the factory reset, my phone STILL doesn't work and my photos never synced onto dropbox.

So currently, I do not a phone. All the pictures I had of the nice trip I had at Busch Gardens recently is composed of just a single instagram collage (I was so excited on sharing pictures to you guys as well D: ). But, most sadly, is that I do not have any blackmail on my friends to embarrass them at their weddings (that won't happen for ages, but it doesn't hurt to stock up and all).

So...that was my minor breakdown of my Sunday. Thankfully, my phone is still under warranty so I'm getting a new one (free of charge!) any day now. But... kind of mad that my phone only lasted two months before it decided to die. Hopefully the next one won't be that way.

Hope you guys are doing well! Let me know how your week is going in the comment section below!


  1. Awh man! Such a shame that it overheated D:
    my old iphone 4s used to overheat too but I'd leave it out and then it would 'cool' and calm down a little haha, although I think thats what started killing the battery life because before I knew it, the phone was shutting down n like 45% battery without any kind of warning -_-
    damn mobiles!! haha, I hope your friends are prepared for some extra intense random photos when you get your new phone - gotta stock up afterall xD

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  2. I think I just need to pay attention to my phone a bit more and let it sit quietly when it overheats. But I was so bummed that this occurred so early in my phones life. I've heard things where phone dies usually a year or two in but I don't know why this occurred. And YES. I hope they are prepared for intense random photos. I plan on embarrassing them thoroughly during their weddings.

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear of your disaster, hope you get things sorted out soon! Sending hugs and kisses. xx


  4. Ah, that sucks. Hopefully the next one will be better!
    I've never had a phone before actually. I just use my iPod Touch which is basically an iPhone :P Still, at times it can be inconvenient.

    Ling | The Cosmetic Critic

  5. Oh no, hope you will get a better phone !


  6. Wow, it's crazy that it did all that after you only had it 2 months!! At least you can get a new one soon, but I'd be pretty bummed if I lost my pics :/

  7. sorry to hear about that! i heard the galaxy s4 is pretty bad with its battery. my mom had that phone for two weeks and my uncle told us to change it to s5.

  8. The phone only lasted 2 months? Man. This is why I have yet to be convinced to buy a smartphone--I've been carrying old-school candy-bar Nokias ever since my first phone, and I've never actually had one die, I've just moved to different countries and found that it was cheaper to buy a new one than to get the old one working in a different country, haha!! Hope the replacement phone does a better job for you!

  9. This was my first smart phone and I was so dissapointed in how long it lasted :( Old school Nokia phones last FOREVER... they never die D: I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well!

  10. I miss having hard copies of pictures as well! There are plenty of pictures I have lost because I didn't have the copies of them.. OH NO. So sad to hear your phone got stolen and you lost some, good thing they were on facebook though! Thanks hun, hoping my next phone is better than this one!


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