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Review of CoverGirl OutLast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in Medium Beige

Claims: All-Day Fabulous Coverage. Lasting Power of a Primer, Coverage of a Concealer, and blendability of a foundation in one. Shine Free.
Coverage: Medium to Full
Price: $7-13
Size: 1 fl oz, 30 mL
Shades: 14 Shades.
Where can it be purchased: Most Drugstores (I purchased mine at Target!)

As requested by Fairestfavorites, I will be reviewing the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation. I've been trying this foundation for the better part of a month now, and I have to say I really enjoy this foundation. I'm highly skeptical of foundations for oily skin, and I'm even more skeptical foundations that can withstand Florida weather. However, I can safely say that I would recommend this foundation for girl's with oily skin and who live in hot, humid climates such as Florida.

The foundation comes in a glass container with a pump. While I am not particularly fond of makeup coming in glass containers (mainly resulting from the potential breakage during Travel), I'm very glad that this foundation has a pump that locks. The coverage is very buildable for this foundation, I usually do 2-3 pumps of this foundation and it gives me a medium-full coverage look. I like applying this foundation with a cosmetic sponge or my fingers. The foundation blends into my skin the easiest like with this type of application.

Pauline with No Makeup! No Flash, Just Natural Lighting. It's amazing how different lighting is when you smile....

Pauline with Only Foundation! I only used 2 pumps of the Foundation. It was a Medium Coverage, all the redness on my face and the majority of my acne scarring was concealed. I did not apply any foundation underneath my eye today (I accidentally forgot!), but when I normally do it also covers up the majority of my  dark circles. 

Pauline with a full face of makeup! I used a majority of my overall favorites (probably will do a post on that eventually!). Still no flash, natural lighting is so tricky to get it consistent!

This foundation wears really well. When the Floridian weather is in the high 80's with humidity, I will start getting oily after the 5 hours (without any makeup setting spray, setting powder, or primer). I have used both Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder in Translucent and Elf Studio HD Powder in Sheer and they have increased the lasting power of this foundation to 8 hours without getting oily. However, regardless of whether or not I wore setting powder or not, this foundation never broke down on me. Never. I have worn this foundation (with Elf HD Powder) for 14.5 hours (and even went to the beach that very same day), and the foundation looked as good as when I initially applied it. Quick timeline of beach day: Put on my makeup at 8:30, Blotted my face at 2, Arrived at the Beach at 6, Came home at 11. I didn't plan on going to the beach, only blotted my face once, and did not touch up at all that day. Everything was still intact when I went home to remove my makeup! I have never had my makeup last as long as it has without breaking down. 

This foundation covers my imperfections and balances my skintone very well. Most of the time, I do not feel the need to wear any additional concealer. I am, however, content with a bit of my acne scars showing through. For a more full coverage look, I tend to use switch around and use a combination products such as BareMinerals Well Rested, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, and Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi in Buff. However, I can also get a relatively full coverage look with 3-4 pumps of this foundation. While this is a liquid foundation, it sets to a powder finish, which is great for mattifying the skin. While this is not a matte foundation, it works wonders for oil control! This foundation does not feel heavy on my skin and doesn't cake up, even if I use 4 pumps worth on my face!

If you had combination/oily skin or live in a humid climate like Florida, I highly recommend you try it. I recommended one of my coworkers this foundation (she also has oily skin) and she loves it. Due to Florida's eractic weather, I will probably never wear this foundation all by itself and use either of the setting powders I have mentioned previously. My only quirk about this foundation is that it doesn't cover like a concealer as Covergirl claims and that the foundation transfers easily. But honestly, I don't really mind that much and it isn't a deal breaker for me.  The majority of my hyperpigmentation and acne scarring is concealed, and I am satisfied with that on a normal day basis. This foundation doesn't scream "I'm wearing makeup" on my face, which is something I definitely like! 

What do you think about this foundation? Do you think you will try it? Or do you not agree with me? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. Great review! I will defiantly have to pick this foundation up for myself; it sounds great and like a perfect option for days that I want more coverage.
    Thanks so much for the shout out!

    1. I highly recommend it! I've been wearing this foundation pretty much everyday now, I'm absolutely obsessed! :D Shout out was needed! <333

  2. Really great review. I haven't tried this yet, so now I think I just might do that. =)

    1. You should definitely try it! It's a fantastic product!

  3. Very energetic article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

    my web blog :: levela review

    1. Glad you liked this article! There will not be a part 2 of this review :)

  4. I heard about it from youtube gurus and currently considering it after I finished the revlon colorstay. It is good to hear that it lasts in that humid weather, which is impressive.

    1. I highly recommend you try it after Revlon Colorstay. I like the Covergirl Foundation better than the Revlon Colorstay, it is absolutely phenomenal!


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