Friday, June 14, 2013

Fantastic Friday's: 6/14/13

Another busy week has passed by! Check in and see what I've been up too!

Saturday 6/08/13:
Another busy workday! Finally gave my friend her birthday present...9 months and 2 days has to be a record and all!

Sunday 6/09/13: 
Posted my first Youtube video! It's about my Beauty Haul, check it out and subscribe for more videos! Also had Seafood Panfried Noodles for dinner, check out my Instagram to see how delicious it was

Monday 6/10/13:
Posted what Makeup and Beauty items my sister is bringing to Canada! I helped her pack what to bring so I figured it would be a good insight on what she brought! Also had my Literature class and my MCAT class (which focused on the last section Physics we needed to know).

Tuesday 6/11/13:
Also hunted for a shadowing position and went to work afterwards. Ended up sleeping over at a friends house and fell asleep while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1... so upsetting. To check out what makeup and outfit I wore for shadowing on 6/7/13, check out this post.

Wednesday 6/12/13:
Had lit class today and we analyzed half of Shakespeare's Hamlet (one of my favorite pieces of literature). Also went into the lab today.

Thursday 6/13/13:
Worked in the lab the whole day today, and was trying to catch up on my MCAT class with Kaplan. Completed 4 assignments today!

Friday 6/14/13:
We finished analyzing Shakespeare's Hamlet in Lit class today. I'm also hoping that I will get more MCAT related stuff done today. New milestone on the blog though, 1000 page views and 10 followers! Woot woot!

How was your week been? Anything new and exciting? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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