Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Toronto Adventures (plus a small haul)

Pics Taken at the Toronto Zoo!

Hello friends! Today I am sharing with you some pictures of my adventures when I was in Canada. The majority of these pictures were taken by my phone so the quality isn't always the best...but I hope you guys enjoyed it regardless. I didn't end up getting to go sight seeing as much as I would like, but nevertheless it was a blast :) Used the subway for the first time by myself #adultstatus amongst the many food adventures (I mean, can't you tell with how many food pictures on my Instagram? I feel like it's more food then makeup these days lol). 

The climate was a nice change from the constant humidity we have in Florida, but it was still hot some of the days in Toronto. Some skin savers I brought with me to hydrate and exfoliate my skin (since it was a lot cooler than my skin was used to) are the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Mask, and the Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24Hr Cream (Review). The combination of these products (especially when I used the cucumber mask as an overnight one) ensured that my skin was hydrated and smooth and allowed for my foundation not to cling to my dry patches as much.

Top: Blue Lagoon in Mississauga, New York Fries at Eaton
Bottom (Both I went with Vanessa): Sunrise House,  Bang Bang Ice Cream

Main highlights of my trip include meeting Vanessa of Citron and Guavaberry (and yes she is AS AWESOME as you could expect), the Toronto Zoo and Art Gallery of Ontario. Didn't get to snag much pictures in the gallery because my phone was dead.... But I have plenty of the zoo :) and erm... Kind of failed and didn't take a selfie together with Vanessa (who was kind enough to show me to awesome places like Sunrise House, Bang Bang Ice Cream, and the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Counter that will probably end up taking the majority of my paycheck away).

Top: The new Canadian version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (DUH!), Art Gallery of Ontario
Bottom: St. Lawrence Market Croissants, Sugar Marmalade in China Town

As for goodies wise, we forgot all our chips we were supposed to bring with us to the airport for snacking purposes but we have our cookies and smarties at least! Purchased a copy of the Chamber of Secrets for my sister and picked up a couple of Tony Moly products at the Pacific Mall. Looking back, I should've picked up a couple of paper face masks from them since they are cheaper than what Ulta is currently selling them for, but it's okay cause I currently have a stash of like 30 paper masks that I'm waiting to use up. Regardless, I picked up the Tony Moly Dust Shield Mist Fixer and Luminous Perfume Face Powder. Both of these products are getting discontinued unfortunately, but they were so affordable that I couldn't resist. The Dust Shield Mist Fixer is supposed to work to hydrate the face, so I'm hoping that it work like the infamous Mac Fix Plus that I no longer buy. Also trying out the Luminous Perfume Face Powder because I was looking for a powder that won't cling as much to my dry patches as some of my Matte powders do.

In other eventful news, almost got my makeup confiscated by security on my way back.... I guess that's what I get for not putting my makeup in clear plastic bag? I've gotten away with putting it in my regular makeup bag before but erm maybe they were cracking down a bit more this time around? If you are interested in seeing the crap ton of products I brought with me, here is the link to that blog post.

Until next year Canada (fingers crossed my cousin gets around to doing his engagement party finally!) Hope you guys liked this blog post and stay tuned for my next beauty related post!

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