Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo Eyes

Left to Right: Fine Crease Brush, Crease Brush

Claims: Eyes. Professional tools for beautiful results. Essence of Beauty brushes and accessories are made from the finest quality materials to achieve flawless results, every time. Create the perfect look for day or night with brush tips that fit right into creases. Made of animal hair.
Price: $5.99
Where to Buy: CVS

Hey guys! So today I am doing a review of the Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo Eyes. I initially discovered these brushes due to EmilyNoel83 (hands down one of my favorite beauty gurus) consistently rave over these brushes. Naturally, a year or so back, I picked these up when CVS had a sale on these brushes. After more than a year of using these brushes, I am finally giving them a review!

These brushes are a bit on the shorter side length wise. The majority of my makeup brushes tower over these, which makes it a bit difficult to fine when I am searching for them. Personally, I would've preferred the brushes to be a bit longer in length, but that is not a big strike in my books. I have notice slight shedding during the first couple of washes, but after that I have not experienced any shedding. The brush hairs are soft, not harsh or scratchy when I use windshield wiper motions across my eyelids. Both of these brushes pick up product very nicely, there is no need to go back and forth excessively to pick up more eyeshadows.

Left to Right: Fine Crease Brush, Crease Brush

Essence of Beauty Crease Brush:
Hands down, one of my favorite brushes for crease work. This brush works wonders on my small Asian eyes. It is not too big to cause eyeshadows to creep way too close to the browbone, but not too small where I spend forever blending out my eyeshadows. This brush is perfect to work on darkening up the outer third of your eye. The brush fits right into my crease with ease and while it does not blend out eyeshadows as easily as my Mac 217 Brush it still does a very good job in blending out color without spreading it everywhere. I also like using this brush to place bronzer along the sides of my nose to contour! If I'm in a pinch, I could use this brush also to blend out, but I prefer going in with another brush to blend out the contour!

Essence of Beauty Fine Crease Brush:
This is the only pencil brush I own, after grabbing this early on in my makeup hoarding days I never felt the need to purchase another pencil brush (although of course, that can easily change just because... I am after all a hoarder). This brush is wonderful for adding eyeshadows onto the lower lash line, something that most traditional smudge brushes (like the Elf Essential Smudge Brush) are incapable of doing because they to big for my petite eyes. This brush is also great for precise placement of eyeshadow into the outer corner of your eye (which is very important when you are creating smokey eyes)! I also like using this brush for smudging out any eyeliner on both my upper and lower lashline!

Final Verdict:
Forget walking to CVS to get these, RUN...especially if you have small eyes like I do. They made me not lose hope on finding crease brushes that were just right (Goldilocks style) for my eyes. Trust me, they will be a makeup game changer! 

What are your makeup essential brushes? Recommend me some eye brushes, I'm always on the look out for those!


  1. never heard of crease before. I feel like I really want to try it now. I am such a RT fan though, I can never seem to try anything else!


  2. I'll have to check these out! I can never find good crease brushes haha.

  3. Definitely try these out if you get a chance! I'm a huge fan of RT as well, but their eye blending brush is way too big for me unfortunately!

  4. Go ahead and try these out! I know you will enjoy it!

  5. Go check them out! Hopefully they will work well for you!

  6. I'll have to check these out then. My collection is currently made up my 99% Real Techniques brushes, so I'll have to see how these compare :), although if the handles are short, I'll probably keep accidentally jabbing myself in the face with them!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  7. These brushes are pretty amazing but in all fairness i do agree with you the length of them is a bit pitiful and they should have put a tad bit more thought when creating them but as for there usage and quality there amazing!

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  8. I have a lot of Real Techniques brushes too, but I find they don't encompass everything I want in a brush collection! Definitely check it out, hopefully you won't jab yourself in the face!

  9. Thanks for following! But yea, the length of it is a bit disappointment... but on the upside, the quality is amazing!

  10. For some reason I cannot find the comment section of your latest makeup post but I love the smokey eye on you!

  11. That's SO weird that you cannot find the comment section... but awww, thanks! I'm trying to branch out more on my looks!

  12. Hahahha! I like how say don't walk...RUN! I totally have no idea how the hell I used to apply shadow to my outer V without this type of crease brush. Singapore is so advanced and it's only been the last 3 years that cheaper, more affordable brushes and wider ranges of brushes are more easily found locally! I picked up my first crease brush like that on holiday in bangkok for like $2 and I have no clue how I did make up before! It's all about the size of brushes for our tiny eyes and lids! I also use this for nose contouring now! High Five!

  13. High five Yes, it is all about the size of brushes for our tiny eyes, or else our makeup wouldn't look as good. I'm so glad I found these brushes, cause they are perfect for my eyes. The traditional makeup brushes are so huge, they won't fit into my crease properly at all!

  14. I wish these were available in the UK! Aside from RT (who's eyebrushes aren't amazing) and ecotools we don't have many affordable brushes in the drugstore....thankgoodness for ebay hey :') which reminds me I need to get started on that review tonight :P

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe | Bloglovin

  15. RT is a great brush brand, but you are right... their eyebrushes aren't amazing :( Seems like you have tons of brushes though dear :P Need to try ecotools brushes! And yes, I want to see that review :P


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