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Fall Makeup Picks

Welcome back my friends! Today I will sharing with you my fall makeup picks! Thanks to the lovely weather we are currently having in Florida, it is still summer here. However, to many of you it is now fall (and borderline winter) weather! Fall is my favorite season, I love the change in weather and the beautiful color change of the greenery! Of course, I always love the changing trends in makeup when fall occurs. I scanned my makeup collection and picked out pieces I know that I will use in the fall a lot more (and products I highly recommend to my friends!) That being said, lets get going to why I recommend this products!

Inglot AMC Eye Shadows - Review
One of my favorite eye makeup looks is using the gold (AMC Shine 07) and cranberry (AMC Shine 12) from this Inglot palette during the fall (this old blog post being an example of a similar look I've created using different makeup products!). I've raved about Inglot eyeshadows multiple times on this blog now and they are one of my favorite eyeshadows I own. If you have an Inglot counter near you, I implore you to go there and swatch your life away. I promise you that you will be impressed with the quality of these shadows.

Inglot AMC Pigment in 69
This antique gold pigment is to DIE for. While I have used this pigment in other months, this shade of gold will look stunning in the fall when its paired with cranberrys or green (example using the pigment). For those of you who are concerned with fall out, I can assure you that as long as you tap away the excess you should not have much issue with eyeshadow fall out.

Jordana Twist n Shine Balm Stains in Honey Love and Cranberry Crush
Jumbo lip pencils are a great lip product to have on hand. These ones by Jordana are moisturizing and the color intensity can be built up from sheer to medium! Honey Love is a darker nude that I love wearing when the weather gets warmer. Cranberry Crush is a perfect sheer berry or a bold statement. I don't see these having a staining effect, but I do enjoy them nevertheless.

Nars Blush in Deep Throat - Review
While Orgasm certainly gets a whole lotta love in the blogger world, I have to say that Deep Throat knocks it out of the park (in my humble opinion). This peachy pink blush has a slight amount of shimmer while Orgasm has a huge amount of shimmer which can make it slightly unwearable. My love for this blush is seen by my feature of Deep Throat in Top High End Blushes. Within the past month or so, I have consistently used Deep Throat on days which I have been wearing makeup. If there is one blush from Nars you should try out, definitely go for this one! I will certainly pick up the full size of this blush when I run out!

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Enhancing Shadow & Liner Smokey Hazel Eyes
An old staple of mind in my makeup collection, I have to say that this little eyeshadow palette screams fall to me (thanks to the beautiful taupe and cranberry). This is a very well loved drugstore palette of mine and I used to travel with this constantly before the packaging broke on me! I highly recommend using a sponge tip applicator for these eyeshadows, for some reason or another using a flat eyeshadow brush won't pick up color as effectively with this formulation.

Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin
I have fallen in love with blush in Pumpkin Pie (yes, the orange blush)! I initially did not think it would look good on me with my yellow undertone, but this blush gave me a really nice surprise! Its the main blush I use in the palette mainly because I'm too attached to it. A little bit of this bad boy goes a long way, especially if you have light/medium skintone. I use either the Elf Studio Complexion Brush or Real Techniques Multitasker Brush to apply and I have not had an issue with over application (but if you do accidentally over apply, just dab a bit of translucent powder on a brush and then start blending away!).

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Stellar
I hate to recommend a limited edition blush, but this is a honestly my favorite blush to wear during the colder months. This is a brown blush with a hint of shimmer that I adore (as seen by the fact that I have hit pan on it. If you don't like how brown this blush is, Exposed by Tarte is a bit more on the pink/mauver side from the swatches I've seen online.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone
This is another eyeshadow palette I love dearly (but pretty much only use in the colder months). On the left side, this palette has some beautiful browns that will create a beautiful natural makeup look. And on the right side, there is a complementary selection of greens. The right side has my favorite eyeshadow color, the definer color. I created a look here using this palette last holiday season and I have to say that this palette is worth getting just for this definer color. It's just that special!

What are the products that you'll be gravitating towards during the colder months? Let me know in the comment section below if you have any recommendations for me!


  1. Loved reading your list of products! Gah 100% agree with you about Deep Throat, it truly is in a league of its own ^_^
    and girl the amount of times you've raved about Inglot I feel like breaking my spending ban, heading up to London and splurging haha, one day one day :')
    Its so awesome that you've gotten on well with Pumpkin Pie!! I loved the red shade, but the versatility of this trio is brilliant!

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  2. I really need to try deep throat- How in the world have I've gone so long without trying any nars blushes!? Deep throat is definitely number one on my list of blushes to try. And that inglot pigment looks gorgeous in the tutorial you did with it!

  3. Deep Throat is the bomb.... I will start to drop more money on Nars blushes when I get the monies for it! Girl, I've broke my spending ban so many times now its not even money -.- Definitely get a hold of Inglot products when you get a chance and SPLURGE. They are a great brand! I need to try the other shades in the trio... I've only swatched it so far and I ran away because of how pigmented they are :B

  4. Definitely try out Deep Throat when you get a chance! I highly recommend you do so! It's such a fantastic blush! I need to stock up more on Inglot pigments, the one I have here is to DIE for!

  5. Sleek blushers are the best! Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  6. Yes they are fantastic! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. AYYYY welcome back to blogging!! Soooo, Toronto FINALLY has an Inglot, and I do go...but got really uncomfortable because the SA kept asking me questions and I JUST WANT TO LOOK AT THINGS IN PEACE, DARNIT ;-;
    Deep Throat > Orgasm, any day. Deep Throat is such a gorgeous peachy pink, and I seriously want my own copy, but I figured I should hit pan on at least one of my blushes before picking up another, -sob-

  8. Thanks for the welcome back dear! Urgh, I hate it when the SA keeps bugging. I'm a self serve shopper nowadays and I'm like BRO, I know what I want I just don't know if I have the monies for it. LOL Yea, you should probably wait to hit pan on at least one of your blushes before picking up another. It's one of the reasons why I am holding out on buying the Tarte blush set that I reeeaaaaally want.... but can't rationalize. I have way too many blushes :B

  9. A super great array of fall products! Inglot is FINALLY landed in singapore and I almost died when I saw how affordable every is! I can't wait to build a small shadow palette! Well, the weather is summer all year round here so I don't have any 'fall mood' but I love seeing what ladies in other places are doing for the end of year make up wise! I really think I need that wetnwild 8 pan, I missed my chanced in indonesia at their drugstore but I can order it online easily...I actually really just want the green and the duochrome brown actually...grrr...!

  10. Inglot is SO affordable! It's so worth it getting their products! It gets "slightly chilly" in Florida, which means I can kinda play the whole fall weather off... but it certainly doesn't get too cold here! Definitely get the Wet n Wild 8 pan! The duochrome blue-brown color and the greens are my favorite part of the palette!

  11. Awesome picks! That INGLOT quad, ugh! <3 But I must say that the colors in that Wet n Wild are also really gorgeous.

  12. The quality of Inglot and Wet n Wild are pretty great! Love those two brands so much! Highly recommend you check them out if you haven't yet!

  13. that orange and pink palette is stunning, love all the colors!

  14. I really need to use my Inglot shadows more. Thanks for the reminder! :) The Comfort Zone Palette is really amazing too, especially for the price.

  15. The sleek palette is gorgeous!

  16. Always glad to remind a fellow beauty blogger about the amazingness of Inglot! Comfort Zone is definitely amazing and the price makes it more appealing :D

  17. Love these picks! Deep Throat is my all-time favourite blush and that Sleek blush palette looks perfect for Fall! xo

  18. Deep Throat is SUCH a beautiful blush! I love it so MUCH, definitely is one of my faves in my collection! And I need to branch out to the other blushes in the Sleek palette, I've been quite attached to the Orange blush :B


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